My child, you worry too much! I've got this, remember? Love, God

Really, really rough night in the Smith house. We have been scheduled for a meeting with the transplant surgeon next week. Cause for celebration, right? Tonight, as I was tucking Braden into bed, we start talking about how the damage to his kidneys was done so early on that there was no possible way for any one person to "fix" the problem. He tells me, " Mom, I really don't know if ther is a God! Why would He do this to me?" Crocodile tears flowed and I realized that my brave baby is really, really scared. He doesn't want to be "cut open" again. He wants to be good at math and as tall as the rest of his friends, and he doesn't want a tube hanging from his belly anymore. All I could do was hug him an let him cry. I have no answers for him but I have arms that will hold him and love him forever.